In 1942, WSM sent out performers from the Opry to entertain troops stationed at various army bases as part of the "Camel Caravan." You won't see fancy buses on this tour, but you will see a group of ladies and gents who were obviously having a blast!

Featuring photos of Alcyone, Eddy Arnold and a very young Minnie Pearl. The RJ Reynolds "Camel Caravan" featured Redd Stewart, Pee Wee King's Golden West Cowboys featuring Eddy Arnold, Minnie Pearl, Kay Carlisle, San Antonio Rose and Alcyone Bate's trio. Announcer for the show was Ford Rush. The troupe performed throughout the U.S. and selected dates in Panama.

Footnote: Camel Caravan tour was sponsored by Camel cigarettes performing on military bases all over the United States and in Latin America. That tour lasted from November, 1941 until December 1942.  

The Camel Caravan - Entertaining The Troops For 19 Months

Minnie Pearl at the hotel room

Kay Carlisle, Eddy Arnold, Alcyone Bate beasley and Evelyn Wilson

Camel Caravan cast with Minnie Pearl and Alcyone Bate Beasley

Pee Wee King, Minnie Pearl and Eddy Arnold

Pee Wee King, Minnie Pearl, Eddy Arnold, Redd Stewart and others

Minnie Pearl

Minnie Pearl standing in front of Camel Caravan car

The Camel Caravan - Pee Wee King, Eddy Arnold, Redd Stewart, Minnie Pearl and others

Group takes a rest stop in Silver Springs, Florida

Alcyone Bate Beasley, Mary Dinwiddie, Evelyn Wilson, Kay Carlisle

Evelyn Wilson and Minnie Pearl

Eddy Arnold and

Alcyone Bate Beasley

Minnie Pearl at

the army barracks

Evelyn Wilson, Alcyone Bate Beasley and Minnie Pearl

Camel Caravan Tour - 1941-1942
19 months, 41 states and 3 foreign countries

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