How Did The Song, 'Tennessee Waltz'  Affect Others?

(2020) While building this new tribute site for Redd, I ran across some really great comments on some of the YouTube videos of this song! (Sharon Stewart - Redd's Daughter-In-Law)

*I remember when my daddy would dance with mom to this song, but they are both in heaven dancing now.
*Why old songs seem much more meaningful, just listen to this one and it brings you back to a time of tranquility and simplicity. Never could  have been better.
*I was only nine when I started loving this song! I'm now 61 . . . still in love with this song!
*I played fiddle when I was twelve, while my Grandpa played his guitar. We practiced this song. He loved that I was learning it. He since then passed in the hospital. I played this song at his funeral.
*Lost both my parent before their time, but I'm having a nostalgic cry remembering my parents dancing to this song.
*I was eleven when this song came out in 1950. I am now 77 and it is still love this song!
*I was learning to play guitar in Durham prison (UK) and played this out of my cell door each night! I got a standing ovation.
*I remember my mom singing this song, she had a beautiful voice. 
*This song is awesome. So powerful.
*I was born two years after this recording came out. I learned it because my father used to sing around the house, and this is one of the songs he used to sing.
*I heard this playing at Sision's Kiosk in front of Quiapo Church during midnight mass in December 1950.
*I loved roller skating with a pretty girl to 'Tennessee Waltz' in the early 1950s. Brings back such beautiful memories.
*Our parents use to sing this song together when we were young.
* My dad, Antonio is listening to this and he's singing! He loves this song. He doesn't get up much anymore, but sometimes we 'dance' - he moves his legs and arms. Beautiful sight to see!
*This was one of my mom's favorites. I remember her playing it on a 78. I didn't understand until I got older.
*Rest in peace, Patti. Thank you for all the enjoyment you gave us over the years. Still cry my eyes out over the 'Tennessee Waltz'


*One of the best songs ever, and in one of the best films ever, 'The Right Stuff'
*Oh how I love this song. Hearing this keeps me reminisching the happiest moment of my youth.
*I made a tribute video for my great grandmother, who passed away in December 2019. This is the background music because she sang this every day!
*This song reminds me of my grandfather who passed away when I was six. Everytime I here it, it puts a smile on my face.
*Mum turned 100 years old on November 12, 2019, so I did an interview with Regional ABC Radio and then they played 'Tennessee Waltz' as one of Mum's favorite songs. Mum and others sand along in the nursing home while it was broadcast on the radio.
*This is the first song that made me love Patti Page's music so much.
* I'm 61 years old and grew up listening to this on a 78 rpm platter at my Grandparents. This brings back some very dear memories.
*My parents fell in love thanks to this song. They danced together for the very first time to this!
*When I was a kid my dad would sing this song . . . brings back memories of him!
*I come from Thailand. This song is so beautiful.
*My first love, passed away very young in her mid 30s two decades ago. She told me this is her most favorite song.
*I love that song, especially since it includes the name of the state I live in!
*My mother always used to sing this song to me when I was a baby. I was born in 1954. RIP Mommy.
*2017 . . . still a classic.
*This is my grandmother's favorite song. She's asleep now and is hopeful of the ressurection morning. She will always live in my heart.
*How I love this beautiful song. It reminds me of the summer nights when I was young, and music would drift on the summer night air from the radio as I fell asleep. It's hauntingly beautiful when the trumpet plays!
*Beautiful song with a great message; never let someone you love dance with another or you might double cross yourself!


*I happened to be the one who took him! He was dating my girlfriend - she told me she wanted me to meet the guy she planned to married someday. We just celebrated our 53rd!
*This is the record that started my love for country music. Around 1951, first heard it in a youth club.
*My dad used to sing this to mom back in the day. Rest in peace, Mom, I'm going to play this for Dad now at 85.
*I tear up everytime I hear this song. My Grandma and Papa would just sit down, drink coffee, and listen to this song.
*I was very young when this song came out. I remember my Mother singing along with Patti Page every time they played it on the radio and it was hard to tell one beautiful voice from the another. Mom could really sing. I miss those times long ago. Love and miss you Mom.
*I’m 11 and I love this song, shoutout to my music teacher for making us listen to old music.
*I was a child when this was a popular tune....I fondly remember listening to this record on Mama and Daddy's console radio/record player!!!
*Here's to my mom and dad's song.  72 years later. 
*I was four when this song was released and is one of the time my remembrances fetter out.  I remember hearing it at home playing with my toys and my then Baby Kid Sister, my Mother cooking for us and my Dad as he returned wearing his suit from work. Very nice to hear now 68 years later.
*My grandfather and I were in the car, when this song came on one of his cassette tapes that had recently been reformatted as cds. So it came on and he started singing and it was beautiful watching him find the lyrics in his head from way back when he was young.
*My mother's lullaby song when she put us to sleep... when I was little.
*My mama loved this song she would set at they table sing this song and cry she loved it so so much.
*My  grandmother  is from the Philippines but raised in Annapolis Maryland . She remember's dancing to this song with her  boyfriend back in the High School Home Coming Dance.
*I'm 14 and I know all the lyrics.


*I discovered this song about 3 years ago. Just a few weeks ago I heard my mom humming this to herself. I thought, oh she knows this too I thought she was just an Elvis fanatic. I should not have been surprised because my mom is 81 and she grew up with this song.
*As a guy who prefers hard rock and heavy metal, even i cannot help but be moved by this beautiful, sad song. Absolutely beautiful.
*My mother(born in 1942)sang this as I was growing up. She said it was one of her favorites. I sang it as my girls(born 2000 & 2003). They love it and now I babysit an infant who falls asleep to this beautiful song. It makes me think of my mother singing, I miss her.
*MY mom just passed away at 95  and she loved this song. Every time I hear it it brings me back to the 1950's and my mom would sing this with a few of her sisters while they were doing dishes or cooking or washing clothes. I loved this song just to be able to hear my beautiful mom sing her little heart out and she had a good voice. RIP mom and I will miss you forever.
*I'm at a car show in New York last year. There were two accorddian players doing this song. I stood there, loving it. A woman asked me what I was doing and I said, I'm listening to the Tennessee Walzt and how I'd like it played at my funeral. 
*I have been hearing this melody for like forever because of my grandma and now that I have read and understand the lyrics I appreciated the song even more!

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