'Tennessee Waltz' Trivia
Some Fun & Interesting Trivia About The Song, 'Tennessee Waltz'
On March 6, 1947, Redd and Pee Wee were traveling by truck from a performance in Henderson, Texas. The radio was turned to WSM's Grand Ole Opry. As they listened to Bill Monroe sing 'The Kentucky Waltz,' Pee Wee jokingly said to Redd, 'Why haven't you written a song about your home state of Tennessee?'  

At that moment, with pencil in hand and nothing but the cover from one of those large boxes of wooden matches on which to write, Redd began scribbling the words to the 'Tennessee Waltz.' Upon returning to his home in Nashville, he transcribed what he had written onto paper and penciled in the notes.

(Pictured Left)

*Tune-Dex performing rights info card- Tennessee Waltz- Redd Stewart Pee Wee King The card is printed on non-glossy-finish paper and measures 5 inches by 3 inches in size on each side. These cards were known among professional musicians as Tune-Dex cards. They were produced from the early 1940's until the early 1960's by a radio industry man named George Goodwin.

The conveniently-sized index cards were utilized by musicians as a tool to have the copyright information on a new song, and also to help familiarize themselves with the lyrics, chords and melody of a newly-released or popular song in order to adequately play it in public.

*Tennessee Waltz is second only to Bing Crosby’s ‘White Christmas’ as the  biggest selling song of all-time.

*Norah Jones played it as a tribute/encore during a live show at The House of Blues in August 2002.

*The University of Tennessee Pride of the Southland Band & The Baylor University Golden Wave band both play ‘Tennessee Waltz’ after every football game.

*There was a ride at Opryland (amusement park in Nashville, Tennessee called ‘The Tennessee Waltz’ that was a revolving swinging ride, with 48 swings suspended in a carousel made in Austria.

*There is a blouse available called 'Tennessee Waltz Blouse.'

*The ‘Tennessee Waltz’ was awarded BMI’s 3,000,000 Airplay Award.  This prestigious honor is shared with Barry Manilow’s, ‘I Write The Songs,” Frank Sinatra’s “ My Way”, Hank William’s, ‘Your Cheatin Heart,” Elvis Presley’s ‘Love Me Tender” and Roger Miller’s, ‘King of the Road.”

*In 2005 the ‘Tennessee Waltz’ miniature pink-blend rose was created by Whit Wells.

*In 2009 The Nashville Music Garden placed 'Tennessee Waltz Rose' in the garden.

*In 2013 Redd's original manuscript of ‘Tennessee Waltz’ was given to University of Tennessee's, Natalie L. Haslam Music Center, where it hangs today.
‘The right home for the songwriters' original manuscript of the state song that has become the most popular song in the history of country music is the Natalie L. Haslam Music Center at our state university," US Senator Lamar Alexander said. "According to music historian Robert K. Oermann, finding this historic document is 'like finding the Magna Carta of country music.'"

*'Tennessee Waltz' was concurrently #1 on the pop, country and R&B charts, a feat no other artist in recording history.

*In 1965 'Tennessee Waltz' became one of the state of Tennessee's official state songs.an claim.

*Patti Page originally recorded the country waltz to serve as a B-side. The record company was betting on its flip side, a Christmas novelty, "Boogie Woogie Santa Claus," which disappeared within weeks of its release, to be replaced by "Long Long Ago".  "Mercury wanted to concentrate on a Christmas song and they didn't want anything with much merit on the flip side," Page later recalled. "They didn't want any disc jockeys to turn the Christmas record over. The title of that great Christmas song was "Boogie Woogie Santa Claus," and no one ever heard of it."

*The success of the Patti Page version led to covers by Jo Stafford and Les Paul with Mary Ford (both of which reached the Top Ten) while versions by Teddy Johnson and Anita O'Day both topped the UK charts.

Acuff-Rose Song Catalog: 
Grand Ole Opry star Roy Acuff and songwriter-musician Fred Rose established the company in 1942, a time when Nashville had virtually no country music publishing activity. It didn’t take long for the business to catch on.  

Among early Acuff-Rose treasures were ' Tennessee Waltz.'  The company's first major pop hit was "Tennessee Waltz" by Patti Page in 1950.

*Some Other Artists Who Have Recorded 'Tennessee Waltz': 
LaVern Baker (Woke Up This Mornin' 1993), Pat Boone (I'll See You in My Dreams/ 1962), Eva Cassidy (Imagine/ 2002), Holly Cole (Don't Smoke in Bed 1993), Connie Francis (Country & Western Golden Hits/ 1959), Emmylou Harris (Cimarron 1981), Tom Jones backed by The Chieftains (Long Black Veil 1995), (1995), Pete Molinari (Today, Tomorrow and Forever 2009), Anne Murray (Let's Keep It That Way 1978), Elvis Presley, Billie Jo Spears (Country Girl 1981), Lenny Welch, Kitty Wells (Kitty's Choice/ 1960), Dottie West (Feminine Fancy/ 1968), Margaret Whiting (Margaret/ 1958).

*Kelly Clarkson performed the song at the 2013 Grammy Awards as part of a tribute to Patti Page.

*Leonard Cohen released a live version of "Tennessee Waltz" recorded in 1985– one of the few covers he's ever cut – on his 2004 album Dear Heather; this version featured an additional verse written by Cohen himself.

*After every home game the Appalachian State University Marching Mountaineers perform the song during their post game show. 

*East Tennessee State University's Marching Bucs perform the song during their pregame show. 

*Baylor University's Golden Wave Band plays the song at the end of each home game, a tradition possibly begun with a request from former Head Coach Grant Teaff.

*The 'Tennessee Waltz' is the corps song of Music City Drum and Bugle Corps, a Drum Corps International Open Class corps from Nashville, Tennessee.

*'Tennessee Waltz' was used in an instrumental form in the final scenes of the film Primary Colors where Jack Stanton dances with his wife at his Inauguration Ball.

*John Huston's 1979 Wise Blood, an adaptation of a Flannery O'Connor novel, uses an instrumental version of 'Tennessee Waltz' during the opening montage and as a recurrent musical theme throughout the picture. 

*At the beginning of the French movie Les Cowboys (2015), 'Tennessee Waltz' was played by François Damiens.

*Patti Page's version  of 'Tennessee Waltz' was featured in Zabriskie Point.

*'Tennessee Waltz' was briefly used during the 1983 drama film, The Right Stuff.

*During Pat Summitt's legendary career as head coach for the Lady Vols for nearly 40 years, she won eight national NCAA championships. To honor her many accomplishments, the bells at Ayres Hall at the University of Tennessee played the 'Tennessee Waltz' at 8 p.m. Tuesday.

*Bicentennial Mall – Nashville, TN
Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park, also known as the Bicentennial Mall,\ is an urban state park in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. The northern end of the park features the Court of 3 Stars, a circular plaza made of red, white, and blue granite representing the three Grand Divisions of Tennessee. Surrounding the plaza are 50 columns containing a 95-bell carillon, representing the 95 counties of the state and its musical legacy. The carillon automatically plays portions of the ‘Tennessee Waltz’ every 1/4 hour, playing the entire song on the hour. 

*(2005) TN Waltz Parkway - Ashland City, TN - 
The parkway was named in honor of Redd Stewart, born in Ashland City, TN. 

*(2015) Tennessee Waltz by Crowned Heads - cigar named 'Tennessee Waltz.'

“It was the song that was playing in the dance hall when my maternal Grandfather met my Grandmother. I vividly recall him whistling that tune throughout my childhood. It’s a song that was made popular in 1950 by Patti Page, and has been recorded by everyone from Sam Cooke to Otis Redding to Norah Jones. 

“The state of Tennessee is also near and dear to my heart. I met my wife here, my family is here, and of course, Crowned Heads is headquartered here in Nashville. “Crowned Heads owes a great deal to the people of Tennessee for their support from the very beginning. And so it is with a sincere spirit of gratitude that we present “Tennessee Waltz.” 

“Tennessee Waltz is manufactured by My Father Cigars S.A. in Esteli, Nicaragua, and is the first Crowned Heads cigar to utilize a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. This unique medium-to-full bodied cigar is available exclusively in our great state of Tennessee. We hope you will enjoy this cigar that means so much to all of us here at Crowned Heads–and we thank you for your support which allows us to ‘Carve Our Own Path.’ (-Jon Huber  - Crowned Heads”)

*Tennessee Waltz Yacht . . .
Our brand new Saba 50, Tennessee Waltz,  is light, spacious and comfortable.  She offers you all the pleasures of the sea, both under sail and at anchor where relaxation goes hand in hand with comfort and pleasure.

*In 2016 the lights of the Tennessee State Capitol were softly dimmed for the 24th annual A Tennessee Waltz. And for the 14th consecutive year, Jack Daniel’s Distillery presented the black-tie benefit for the Tennessee State Museum.

*The American Queen Cruise Ship steamed into its home port of Memphis in 2012. The 436-passenger ship, with a 174-person crew docked in the city for the first time since a previous owner pulled it out of service in 2008. Passengers sipped mimosas and bloody Marys on the ship's forward deck, Captain John Sutton ordered the ship's whistle blown in welcome, and the calliope played "Tennessee Waltz" and "Rocky Top."

*Acuff-Rose Song Catalog - Grand Ole Opry star Roy Acuff and songwriter-musician Fred Rose established the company in 1942, a time when Nashville had virtually no country music publishing activity. It didn’t take long for the business to catch on.  Among early Acuff-Rose treasures were ' Tennessee Waltz.'  The company's first major pop hit was "Tennessee Waltz" by Patti Page in 1950.

*The Music City Drum and Bugle Corps is a World Class competitive junior drum and bugle corps. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Music City is a member corps of Drum Corps International. The 'Tennessee Waltz' is the corps song of Music City Drum and Bugle Corps, a Drum Corps International Open Class corps from Nashville, Tennessee.

*As of 1974 the ‘Tennessee Waltz’ was the most biggest selling song ever in the country of Japan. In the schools of Japan, the song is a standard taught in all of the music programs.