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'Redd Stewart was a marvelous talent and a kind an gentle man. I toured with him a bit and always enjoyed welcoming him and Pee Wee King to the Grand Ole Opry.


You'd be amazed at how many Opry stars considered Redd to be one of their favorite Country singers. I'm glad you folks are keeping his music and memory alive.

All best wishes, 
Bill Anderson (Whisperin' Bill), Grand Ole Opry Legend (1937-    )


'I ran across this site by accident and just had to let you know that I knew your dad! We did some shows together back in the 50s. I remember especially a date in Louisville one winter at Pee Wee's club. I was the front man and vocalist for Ray Prices' Cherokee Cowboys. I'm the other voice on his Columbia records. You might remember 'Crazy Arms', 'My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You' and some of the others we did back in those days. I left Ray and the Grand Ole Opry in December of 1958. 

I have often thought of the times your dad was on stage with us in Toronto, Canada. I think we did that gig a couple of times. It lasted two weeks as I remember. What a talent Redd was!!! I'm glad to know you are carrying on for him. I did not know he had passed away. I'm so sorry for our loss of such a wonderful musician and I'm sure a great dad. I won't take anymore of your time, but just had to let you know I thought a great deal of Redd and also wish you the best in your endeavors.' 
Van Howard, Country & Western Recording Legend (1929-2012)


'I want to compliment you for all the work you folks must have done on the website - looks wonderful and you should be very proud! I was with Bob Wills before going with Pee Wee King in Louisville in early 1952. I took Roy Ayres place when he left. I worked with Redd for exactly 3 years - 1952, 1953, and 1954. I worked the radio shows over WAVE, the TV shows, recorded, and all the appearances that were made during that period.  

Redd was one of the most talented guys I ever worked with. His singing and song writing speaks for itself. I used to be amazed at his ability sometimes in the studio when we might just be fooling around before a radio show started. He might pick up a guitar, or his fiddle, and play some great swing and improvising, and didn't even think about it. He didn't get to do that very often.

Before I forget it, here is a little trivia for you. I was talking to Bob Wills about leaving and going with Pee Wee King. Bob and his long time vocalist, Tommy Duncan had broken up. Bob told me that he always had liked Redd Stewart's singing, and when he and Tommy had broken up, he had considered talking to Redd about going to work for him and the Texas Playboys. As far as I know, he never did follow through with his thinking. I would take that as a great compliment to Redd, regardless of whether or not Redd would have been interested.' 
Bobby Koefer, Steel Guitarist & Former Golden West Cowboys Member  (1926 -    )

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