More Stories of Redd

'I knew Redd and Pee Wee King for many years. They were both friends of mine. Before I met them, I would listen to them each day on the Louisville radio station, when I worked at WLW Cincinnati, OH each day as the Jumping Cowboy and the King of the Yodelers, from 1948-1951. In 1953 Pee Wee had me on his TV show as his guest star, after I had my hits of 'I Never See Maggie Alone' and 'Chocolate Ice Cream Cone' and that's when I met Redd. What a great talent and such a nice man. We were in California together, and on shows with them in many other states, and they spent a couple hours at my home in Michigan also, and we did TV show as guests on the Old American Barn Dance in 1951. I sure enjoy watching us all so young! 

I am so grateful you put this website on for Redd. He definitely should be in the Country Hall of Fame. I will vote for him. The pioneers of yesterday ARE Country music, and Redd was a big part of that. I am still singing & yodeling and touring some each year and I still enjoy the fans. 

My best to you, 
Kenny Roberts, Country Music Singer, Yodeler (1926 - 2012)

'Hi Sharon, so sorry to hear about the death of Redd. We all lost one of the greatest voices in Country music when we lost him.


I had the chance to do a show with Redd at the fair in Lebanon, TN a few years ago, and it was a thrill to get to meet him for I had been a fan of his and Pee Wee King's for many years.'
Ernie Ashworth, Grand Ole Opry Star (1928 - 2009)


'You have really put together a well deserved website of love and admiration for a Western Swing and Country Music legend that was a tremendous, songwriter, musician and one of the greatest voices that this world will ever know.  

It is my pleasure to play lots of Redd's material both as a vocalist with the great Pee Wee King band or his own recordings on my 'Swingin' West' radio show.


In addition, I really enjoy playing other artists also doing Redd's wonderful compositions. Redd has been an integral part of my 'Swingin' West' programming since the show started back in 1980, and he will always be. The best of everything with the website.' 
Mike Gross, Producer Western Swing Society 


'I'm Charley Groth, a lifelong professional musician who has sung and played Redd Stewart compositions countless times over the years. I don't happen to have any of his songs on my own CDs, but I've played them on sessions for other people countless times too. Now I feel guilty not to have recorded one! Tell you what, next CD, which I will be making with a great Country band in, of all places, Prague, Czech Republic, in July, I will include at least one Redd Stewart song!  

I do have a story to share with you.


One night many years ago around Christmas time, I was driving through the town of Findlay, Ohio, looking for an address. It was a dark and stormy night, and I was unable to find the address I sought. Finally, I stopped in front of a small hotel on the main street of the town, and went into the lobby to ask for directions. From the lobby I could hear faint music coming from the lounge. It sounded like an accordion was playing. You know the rest. I went in, sat down, and didn't get up again until the place closed!  What they were doing there in that little town I don't remember. It seems to me now maybe they knew the hotel owner.

I'll never forget discovering Redd Stewart and Pee Wee King in that little Ohio town in the middle of a long ago winter. Now I have told the story hundreds of times over the years, but I never thought I would tell it to members of Redd Stewart's family! Glad you have a website up for Redd. Keep up the good work!' 

Charley Groth, Professional Musician


'Your website is a wonderful tribute to a true legend. One of the first shows I ever worked after moving to Nashville from California was in Grand Rapids, MI with Pee Wee King and Redd Stewart. I was petrified with stage fright. But when I handed them the charts to my songs, they said, 'you're gonna be a pro' . . . what a compliment! They never forgot that, and I never forgot their kindness to a newcomer.  

At her request I learned one of Minnie Pearl's favorite songs, 'You Belong to Me', which I sing often on the Grand Ole Opry. A great site. 
Jan Howard, Grand Ole Opry Legend (1929 - 2020)