Stories of Redd

It's funny how fond memories can be lost over a period of time, and that was the case with Redd Stewart when he came to visit me in the studio. I'll explain . . . 
'It was in the middle sixties, and I was doing the morning show on WZIP-1050 in Cincinnati, OH and our station was the only country music signal in the greater Cincinnati area. One morning Mel Foree (best known for writing, 'Know One Will Ever Know') dropped in to visit and Redd Stewart was with him. 

I had never met Redd, but he handed me a copy of his new record and asked if I would play it on the air. Since we were live at that moment, I put the disk on the turntable and gave it a play. I was blown away and Mel laughed and said, 'I knew you would love it.' Redd knew that I truly liked the song, and I wasn't just saying I liked it just to make him feel good. 

For many months I played 'Dreaming Again' every morning on my show and when I left WZIP and they changed format, I took the record with me. I had copied it to tape and cassette and I would play it on my home stereo every few days and when I went to WUBE in Cincinnati in 1975 & 1976, I would play it off of the tape copy (as the record had long since worn out), and then I moved to Kansas City in 1977 and played it on WDAF many times until one morning the tape self destructed. I figured I would never be able to share the joy I got from'Dreaming Again; with my audience, and over the years I completely forgot the song, that is, until I got a note from Sharon & Billy a few months ago and I wrote you back asking if you possibly had a copy of it. 


'I Remember' CD - by Redd Stewart (1974)

The CD arrived at my studio on October 1st, I called my wife into my studio and asked her if she remembered me playing this, and she said yes but suddenly a light came on in my mind and I remembered how I had gotten the original disk, the interview and my interview with a gentleman who was in his late 40-s when he asked me to play his new record. Memories are sometimes lost over a long period of time and such was the case with Mel, Redd and myself.   

I can't tell you how much I appreciate you sending me the 'I Remember' CD and some of the great stories I can tell on my show about the time I met Redd Stewart and how he sat with a gleam in his eyes as I played his 45 rpm record on a turntable in a studio in Cincinnati, OH in the mid sixties. 


My wife finally came to my studio door last night and shut it as she was trying to watch TV and I was playing 'Dreaming Again' over and over and over, and the story I just told you will be told to my listeners on XM-Satellite radio this coming Monday as I play your dad's song. I thank you for jogging my memory and bringing back a time in my 45-year career that I had almost forgotten forever.'  
Dale 'Truckin' Bozo' Sommers, DJ (1943 - 2012)


I met Pee Wee King and Redd years ago in 1957. I was working fairs with Minnie Pearl. We were arriving at a little country fair somewhere in Iowa, as Redd & Pee Wee were leaving. We stopped and got out of our car, and they did the same. Minnie introduced me to them and Pee Wee introduced us to some girl who was in their show. She was 7 foot tall! 

Pee Wee had two 50 lb. sacks of potatoes (someone at the fair had given him) on each front fender of his car.


I'll never forget that! We became real good friends over the years. I'd see them both quite often at the CMA and Disc Jockey Conventions. I loved their music, as well as their songwriting. 
Keep the Faith, 

Mel Tillis, Country Music Legend (1932 - 2017)


'Having been around since my number one hit songs in 1953, I ran into Pee Wee King and Redd several times at the old Disc Jockey Conventions of that era . . . this would be in 1955-56-57 . . . when we all tried to congregate in the old Andrew Jackson hotel here in Nashville to visit and talk to DJs, ect, and otherwise tell everyone how great we were! Just kidding! 

I did play Pee Wee's TV show out of Chicago during this time also. I sang the song -  'Mexican Joe In The Carribean', of course it was live TV and one thing I do remember, when I started one of the songs, I forgot which one, it was a mess, and though we did rehearse a little before the show, we had to stop a minute or two into the song and start over! It was embarrassing for both Pee Wee and I, but we laughed and joked our way through it! 

Pee Wee and Redd were great writers, and their music catalog shows that. I've always admired them both. When I was growing up, 'Slow Poke' was big with me. I hope you can add this to your stories. 
Regards and Best Wishes Always, 

Mitchell Torok,  Country Music Singer, Songwriter, Artist, Author and Guitarist (1929 -    )


'My aquaintance and friendship with Redd and Pee Wee King began in the late 1950s, and when I was a regular on the Ozark Jubilee. 

We became friends and worked many, many shows together, and in later years, even booked them on some shows. They were wonderful, talented people, and I've always said Redd was one of the most underrated people in the music business. The general public has no idea how good he was. It was a privilege to have known him. 
Leroy Van Dyke, Country Music Singer & Guitarist (1929 -    )