Redd's Children

Colonel (Redd's oldest son) early 1980s.


Billy (Redd's youngest son) in the early 1970s.

(Colonel) Henry Redd Stewart, Jr - Redd's Oldest Son

Henry Redd Stewart, Jr. (Colonel) played guitar & performed for many years. Redd became a Kentucky Colonel, and that is where Colonel got his name from.


Colonel & Billy (Redd's sons) in the late 1980s

William (Billy) Rae Stewart - Redd's Youngest Son

Because of his father, Billy was greatly influenced by traditional Country music, western swing, and bluegrass music.  
'My hope is to create a sound that is my own. I want people to hear my music and instantly know it's me!'

Billy's Website


(2000) Billy Stewart

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(2007) Billy Stewart


(2017) Billy Stewart


Lydia Stewart-Morrow - Redd's Daughter
Lydia, too, had music in her blood. She learned how to play the banjo many years ago from a man who played in a Bluegrass band named, Jim Smoke. She became really good at it!

When she was very young, Redd had her take accordion lessons to see how she would do. The music teacher told Redd, 'Redd, you're wasting your money, forget about it!"

(L-R) Jean (Redd's wife), Billy, Redd holding Colonel and Lydia playing (trying!) accordion


Billy Stewart, Jett Williams (Hank Williams daughter) and Lydia (2009)