Redd's Parents

Samuel Lawrence Stewart - Redd's Father  
(July 15, 1890 - April 10, 1958)  

Redd's family moved to Louisville, Kentucky, while he was still young. Not only did Samuel Lawrence Stewart find employment in Louisville, he and wife Lucille did a remarkable job of helping all their offspring hone their musical talents. He was a craftsman at making and repairing musical instruments. He was also an excellent cook, barber, and cobbler. 

(Redd's Father pictured left)

(Pictured below: [1950s] Redd Stewart (middle) with his brothers and dad)


Lucy Jane (Barr) Stewart - Redd's Mother   
(June 17, 1900 - July 10, 1940) 

Every family member played an instrument, with Lucille, their mother serving
as the head musician. She taught Samuel how to play, and they would play

and sing the old standards around the house.  

When company would come, all the boys would run off to bed, but
Samuel would say ‘Boys, get the instruments 
out;’, then, ‘Get out of bed,
it’s not bedtime.’”