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A Story From Roy Ayres (Former Golden West Cowboys Member)  
Now, in looking over the pictures, the one of Redd with his pipe brought to mind a funny story that you may enjoy: Redd was quite a pipe smoker, and was very proud of his collection of pipes. As you may or may not know, it takes quite a bit of smoking to "break in" a new pipe. One that is properly broken in will have a fairly thick crust of that "nasty" residue left in the bowl from the burning tobacco.


One day Redd got home from one of those weeks-long road trips and Jean, not understanding how guys liked their pipes broken in and cruddy, had a surprise for him: She had "cleaned" that crud out of all of his well-broken-in pipes -- thinking she was doing something great for Redd.  

Of course, Redd then had to go through the process of "breaking in" all of his pipes again. He apparently wasn't upset with her, as he laughed about it when he told the guys in the band. Incidentally, Jean was a great lady herself. She and my first wife, Shirley, (deceased in 1988) were good friends and visited a lot when we were on the road.

Pee Wee had his own network TV show, ‘The Pee Wee King Show’ on ABC at prime time, on which Redd and the band performed, and featured not only country performers, but also pop artists. 

Redd released a solo album titled, ‘Redd Stewart Sings Old Time Favorite Tunes’ for the Audio Lab Label. 

(February 17, 1965)  
Pee Wee King & Redd Stewart were there when the Tennessee legislature made their song, 'Tennessee Waltz' the official song of the state. It was a beautiful moment for them both. It was especially meaningful to Redd since he was a Tennessee native. They never dreamed that after writing that song in the 1940’s that years later it would become the state song of Tennessee. 

Redd was inducted into Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1970 as one of the first to be inducted, along with Gene Autry, Ernest Tubb, Hank Williams, Jimmy Rodgers, Fred Rose and A.P. Carter.  A very proud moment!  
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'The Best of Pee Wee King & Redd Stewart’ - Pee Wee King & Redd Stewart—Inseparable. “The Men With The Golden Pens”


Pee Wee & Redd entertained millions worldwide with the many hit records and the many number one songs they wrote. They continued their personal appearances throughout the United States entertaining at fairs, concerts, and one nighters, playing Country music in their traditional way, songs they created like the immortal, ‘Tennessee Waltz,’ ‘Bonaparte’s Retreat,’ ‘Slowpoke,’ ‘You Belong to Me’ and countless others that will live on and on.  

The Bicentennial Mall State Park is an urban state park located in the shadow of the State Capitol in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. The 19 acre park gives visitors a taste of Tennessee's history and natural wonder. It opened June 1, 1996 to serve as a lasting monument to Tennessee's Bicentennial celebration.    


The park includes erupting geyser fountains, a large grass space (the "Mall") that stretches from the outside auditorium situated adjacent to the front plaza on James Robertson Parkway, a three-building complex containing the Farmer's Market, an international market, and a building that hosts a weekly flea market.    


One of the most interesting attractions is the carillon and it is quite amazing to hear it play the Tennessee Walt z as you tour through the park. There are ninety five bells in the 50 columns that produce the music. It plays part of the waltz every 15 minutes and the full song on the hour.

Court of Three Stars Video (2009)

The Carillon Bells at Bicentennial Mall Park

Redd passed away at Baptist Hospital East in Louisville, Kentucky due to complications from a fall he had in his home in 1992.  He took a bad fall on the basement steps of his Louisville, Ky., home.  Says his wife, Darlene: “He was tired, lost his balance while carrying a sing-along machine” and suffered severe injuries to his head.  

TN Waltz Parkway Dedication    
In 1965, legislation was passed making “Tennessee Waltz,” by Redd Stewart and Pee Wee King, Tennessee’s fourth official state song. Forty years later, it is an official highway in Ashland City, where Stewart was born in 1923.  

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Nashville Music Garden Dedication   
September 29, 2009 Nashville became the official home of the world’s first public garden to honor entertainment icons with a display of namesake flowers. The Nashville Music Garden, located at the corner of Fourth Avenue and Demonbreun in the Hall of Fame Park (across from the Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum) is a one-of-a-kind “Garden of the Stars” that pays tribute to the artists, songwriters, authors, television personalities, industry leaders, venues, organizations, and icons who have made a positive impact on Nashville’s entertainment community. 'Tennessee Waltz' Rose was honored in the Music Garden.  
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