More Memories of Redd

'Music has been a large part of my life, and some of Redd's songs are at the top. Thanks for all the good things his music has done for the world. His talent is missed.' 
(Mike/Central IL)

'I have never had the honor of meeting Redd, but I have played and listened to his music all of my life. Jo Stafford's version of 'You Belong to Me' is one of my all time favorite songs. Redd was truly an American original, and he and his music should be celebrated.' 
(Kraig Kirdkes/Austin, TX)

'I never had the honor to meet Redd, but I have heard a lot of wonderful stories about him from my good friend Buster Doss. What a great inspiration Redd has been to me as a songwriter with his timeless treasurers.' 
(Mark Bumfield/KY)

'What a great tribute to a great man. I love Redd's music. 'Bonaparte's Retreat' is one of my favorite songs. After 30 years of songwriting, I am coming into my own now, and Redd has been very inspirational to me.' 
(Guy Hill/Greenville, TX)

'I love the traditional flavors of Country and Mr. Stewart's songs are the foundation upon which today's music has been built. I so love his 'Tennessee Waltz' that I thought it was time for another waltz, and I penned 'Country Waltzin with You' with that inspiration in mind. 

Needless to say, Redd's song has the depth that I so admire, and as far as 'You Belong to Me', that is truly a God send and an American classic across all genres.' 
(Bob Grez (singer/songwriter)/Chadwicks, NY)

'Redd was truly a legend. The 'Tennessee Waltz' will always remain a favorite - a true Country classic.' 
(Derek McCorkell/North Ireland/UK)

'Mama played piano and taught me the 'Tennessee Waltz' when I was just a toddler. I'm now on the road and play it every night! She said, 'Don't give up, pray, have faith, keep a positive mental attitude and love each other.' 
(Anthony John Robertson/Spring City, TN)

'Many memories come to mind when I hear 'Tennessee Waltz.' This song always filled the dance floor at ever gig. Thanks to Redd for this song. We played it a thousand times! One of the most requested songs at every gig I played.' 
(Herbie Meeks (steel guitarist)/AR)

'I was born and raised with Country music, and the 'Tennessee Waltz' was played a lot in our home. My dad and mom both played button key accordions, and I play some piano accordion. I am still involved in Country music today, playing karaoke at the local Legion Hall. Best of luck with your efforts.' 
(Blossom Bush/Musquodoboit Harbour, Canada)

'Your dad was a real gentleman, and we visited quite a bit in the 70s. I was president of Southern Productions at that time, with offices on Hayes Street in the west end of Nashville. Your dad was a very thoughtful person, and I will always remember Christmas of 1973 he made a special effort to bring me a present. He certainly should be in the Country Music Hall of Fame. Besides, he wrote the state song of Tennessee.' 
(John Bodin/Wray, GA)

'Anyone who is familiar with Country music at all knows about the great talent of Redd Stewart. What a pro he was! As a singer/entertainer, I have sung his songs many times on stage. We congratulate you for helping to keep the man and his music alive. He will never be forgotten by all who love true Country music.' 
(Mark Collier (MMG Records/Bucket Full of Rice Foundation)/AL)

'I started out many years ago listening to and loving Redd's songs. I met my future wife at a country dance hall in a small town when I asked her to dance with me to the 'Tennessee Waltz.' That was 45 years ago, and we're still happily married today. I still love and hold that song dear in my heart. I will hold all of his songs in my heart and memory until the day I die.' 
(Gene Smith/Alexander, AR)

 'I grew up listening to the 'old' Country and will always be a fan! Let's keep the oldies alive!' 
(Cindy/Ontario Canada)

'May he be a lead singer in Heaven's Band!'
(Ron Graham/Las Vegas, NV)

'Thanks for all of the great music you left us Redd! Your memory will live on forever.'
(Tex Waggoner)

'The Tennessee Waltz' was the first song I remember my mother singing to me. I never knew who wrote it. I wish I could say thank you to Redd in person. I'll love that song until the day I join him.' 
(Kim Herman/Friendswood,TX)

'As a Country and Irish performer, I have played and sung the 'Tennessee Waltz' countless times, I wish you every success with your endeavor.' 
(Cal Cummings (music performer)/Ontario, Canada)

'Love your website. I have performed your dad's song, 'Tennessee Waltz' on stage several times with my blind cousin who played it on guitar. It is so great to contact you about this. That song will live on way beyond all of us! I've got a feeling it's being played in Heaven 24/7! Thank you for honoring your dad in such a beautiful way. You must be a great person yourself!' 
(Morgan Blanchard - musician/Louisiana)

'There are few that become so well known and appreciated by so many. Music is a direct path to our hearts and to our soul. Redd's music has inspired those who love Country music throughout his life, and this musical legacy will continue to be an inspiration to many more for years to come. Who that loves our music has not heard the 'Tennessee Waltz' and not felt a twinge in their eye and felt thoughts of great love, great loss and memories of times past?  Redd was a great musician who understood our hearts before knowing him.' 
(Gary Smith)

'I grew up listening to Redd's music. There was no other song that ever had a heartfelt meaning as the 'Tennessee Waltz.' Though Redd is gone, it will live on and on and on. I have performed the song many times, as I am sure others have. I don't know but the meaning might have something to do with the fact that I grew up and lived in east Tennessee the first 18 years of my life, and I am very proud of the fact that I am from the great state of Tennessee.' 
(Tony Hickman/TN)

'They still play a good many of Redd's songs at the Western Swing dances down here in Texas. Just noticed today that he wrote 'Which One is to Blame' done by the Wilburn Brothers. I put it right there with 'You Belong to Me' and 'Slow Poke,' all my favorites. Great to see a site honoring one of the greatest Country/Western songwriter-musicians there ever was! Keep up the good work!' 
(Duke Gilleland/Belton, TX)

'Today I am a recording artist with a song title, 'Living in Doubt,' on the new Music Weekly chart of Los Angeles, California, and I might not be on this chart today if it hadn't been for Redd's musical influence via his vocal performance. Redd Stewart was a great singer/performer, and I consider him one of the great Country music artists of all time. He was a great inspiration to me and others.'   
(Claude Walton - singer, songwriter, performer)

'I never had the pleasure of meeting Redd, but my brother, Gary Boggs was a friend of Redds when he played steel guitar for George Jones. 'Tennessee Waltz' was and still is, one of my favorite songs!' 
(June Gilpin/Glenmont, OH)

'The evidence goes to prove that the msic and art have no race and no borders. From the other side of the ocean, there are people like me who really liked this website, and are always under the charm of the 'Tennessee Waltz.' 
(Jean-Pierre Remy/Belgium)

'We knew the Collins Sisters and Redd back in the Hillbilly Park days and got to meet Pee Wee King and Redd then. We've always been impressed with their talent and showmanship. They were certainly great people and we'll never forget them.'
(Bobbie & Sadie Russell/OH) 

'I am a musician locally and often sing both the 'Tennessee Waltz' and 'You Belong to Me.' I personally pick songs that strike a chord with people, and I can assure you these two songs are among the best ever. 

The 'Tennessee Waltz' is very special to me, as my mother was from Nashville. I believe personally that the transition from earth to the Eteranl life means that he will always and forever live on. His music will live on, and he has touched us all in a very special way.' 
(Chuck Herrera - musician/Buckeye, AZ)

'I've always loved Redd and Pee Wee King, and you just can't get any better than the 'Tennessee Waltz.' Many Happy Trails . . .'
(Sisters of the Silver Sage - Western music entertainers/Maryville, TN)

'I have enjoyed Redd's music most of my life. Several years ago I helped a Kentucky collector sell a 1916 Gibson guitar, that had once been owned and played by Redd. He gave me the custom steel that was still inside the case, and I still treasure it.  Another one of my friends was given his old pitch pipe. Redd deserves to be honored.' 
(Marvin Dockery/Knoxville, TN)

'Redd Stewart was a true Country music icon with some of the most wonderful songs ever penned and recorded, such as the 'Tennessee Waltz', 'Bonaparte's Retreat' and 'You Belong to Me.' 
(Ivar Bremseth/Norway)

'I honestly wish I would have met the man! His songs definitely made a big impression on a lot of people including myself. I get asked to sing 'Tennessee Waltz' just about every time I play a gig, but the fact is, it is also a favorite of mine.  I grew up with those songs, and needless to say I am an ole country boy. When I write a song it may not always be Country, but Country will always be my favorite.' 
(Dumreas Rodjanapiches/Thailand)

'What a wonderful and educational tribute to one of the greatest hit songwriters/musicians of our times. This website, as well as Redd, is tops in my book!' 
(Brenda Best/Nashville, TN)

'I am a Country music singer in South Africa. I grew up with music such as, 'Tennessee Waltz,' and today I sing the song at a lot of my shows. People still love it (done in the Patti Page style) today!' 
(Illana May/South Africa)

'Redd and Pee Wee King were an unbeatable partnership. No one has come along to fill their shoes. Would be nice to hear their music on the radio again.' 
(Adelaide Lusk)

'His song, 'Tennessee Waltz' was the very first song I learned to play on my fiddle. It and other songs by him, still touch millions of people, not just in the states, but all over. I still get requests for it on my radio program.  

His family may take comfort in the knowledge that he will never be forgotten, because the music and love will always live on.' 
(Gracie Muldoon - DJ/Cincinnati,OH)

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