More Memories of Redd

'I want you to know that I absolutely LOVE his songs, and my personal favorite and one that I hope to include on my traditional album some day is 'Tennessee Waltz.' I used to sing it for a dear old friend of mine. He was 85 years old and it was his favorite song because it brought back memories of his dearly departed wife. 

We cried many times together when I sang that beautiful song for him. I actually sang it for him at the hospital on his last night here on earth. I sang for him for about an hour and a half, and two hours later he passed on. It is a good memory, and I know the song gave him release. It is a blessing to have someone who was so talented and left us with art like Redd did.' 
(Joanne Myrol - musician/Alberta, Canada)


'There are so many wonderful stories that I could tell everyone, because Redd Stewart and Pee Wee King were like fathers to me. They nurtured my musical career with advice and support, and I loved them both very much. These people have been so instrumental in what I have done in my life and what I have accomplished in Country music. 

Redd always told me to be honest, keep my integrity and my faith, and to keep my friends close by me. Both him and Pee Wee are still in my heart and  my mind. He would be so proud of this website. It is most deserving and it is wonderful.' 
(Marty Martel - president R.O.P.E./TN)


'I enjoyed Redd and Pee Wee's music. I played in a lead off band for them at a concert in Amsterdam, New York back in the 60s, also was on stage with Willie Nelson when he was starting out. 'You have really put together a well-deserved website of love and admiration for a Western Swing & Country music legend that was a tremendous songwriter, musician and one of the greatest voices that this world will ever know! 

It is my pleasure to play lots of Redd's material both as a vocalist with the great Pee Wee King band, or his own recordings on my 'Swingin' West' radio show.  In addition, I really enjoy playing other artists also doing Redd's wonderful compositions. 

Redd has been an integral part of my 'Swingin' West' programming since the show started back in 1980, and he will always be.' 
(Mike Gross - DJ (Fairfield, CT)


'I am pleased to say that I play Redd's music on my radio show. I have an eight member, all Hall of Fame Western Swing band, The Kings of Western Swing, and we play all of Redd's music everywhere we go. 'Slow Poke' is one of our most requested songs wherever we perform.' 
(Bobby Wynne/Amarillo, TX)


'What a great way of honoring one of Country Western's greatest lyricist and vocalist. I was very disappointed when Pee Wee King was put into the Country Music Hall of Fame without Redd, because they were a team and as such should have been put in together. I first fell in love with his voice when I was a teenager back in the early 50s, and I'm happy to say that my wife also feels the same as I do. 

It's difficult for me to say which of his compositions I love the most, but if forced I'll have to say that 'Walk Me by the River,' which Bing Crosby recorded back in the first part of the 50s, is perhaps my favorite of all of the songs for which he supplied lyrics. As for vocals it would have to be 'Backwards, Turn Backwards' (even though he didn't write that one.)  

In any case he'll always be one of the all-time greats that, like so many others, have been overlooked. Thanks again for this great website in tribute to your dad.' 
(Roy Bodden/Tampa, FL)


'Redd was one of this country's best songwriters! His songs continue to stand the test of time. One of my favorites, 'You Belong to Me' was included on my CD for which I received Female Western Swing Vocalist of The Year from the prestigious Academy of Western Artists. I am so pleased you have created this website to help continue his legacy.' 
(Robin Deeter (singer)/Seattle,WA)

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