More Memories of Redd

'I am the only professional canjoe picker in the world, and as a recording artist, recorded the 'Tennessee Waltz' with my one-stringed instrument. I also taught my little four-year-old friend the words, and she sings them with me on local stages. That beautiful song will live forever!' 

(CanJoe John - recording artist/Blountville, TN)


'Redd Stewart was a marvelous talent and a kind and gentle man. I toured with him a bit and always enjoyed welcoming him and Pee Wee King to the Grand Ole Opry.


You'd be amazed how many Opry stars considered Redd to be one of their favorite Country singers. I'm glad you folks are keeping his music and his memory alive.'
(Bill Anderson (Country music singer/songwriter & television personality)/Nashville, TN)


'We all lost one of the greatest voices in Country music when we lost Redd. I had the chance to do a show with Redd at the fair in Lebanon, TN several years ago, and it was a thrill to get to meet him, for I had been a fan of his and Pee Wee King for many years. Redd is gone but not forgotten.' 
(Ernie Ashworth/ Grand Ole Opry Member - Nashville, TN) 


'I am a whistler and have performed at retirement centers and many other venues throughout the USA and Canada. Whenever I do 'Tennessee Waltz' I hear several of the audience members whispering to each other right after I start, 'It's the Tennessee Waltz' and I see many big smiles. 


One time when performing it at a venue in Texas, a lady began crying unusually hard. After the concert she came up to me and explained why. She said 'it was our song.' 
(Robert Stemmons - Whistler/Coeur d/'Alene,ID) 


'I am a fan of Redds from way back, and have been singing 'Tennessee Waltz' and 'Bonaparte's Retreat' for as long as I can remember. Thank you for this tribute!' 
(John Cockman - The Cockman Family Bluegrass Gospel Group/Boone, NC) 


'I loved Redd's and Pee Wee's music! Great website!' 
(Jimmy Harrell - Alton & Jimmy/Jacksonville,FL)

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