Memories of Redd

'Redd Stewart, a pioneer, trailblazer and legend in his own time. Setting the stage for so much music to follow. It is impossible to gauge the impact of one man on all music, but Redd's definitive sound and musical styling has set him high on the influential list with the likes of Presley and the Beatles.

Defining songs and artists of any generation are just that, generational and don't come along often.  An inclusion in the Country Music Hall of Fame is not only an honor, but in the case of Redd Stewart, a necessity to insure the icons and true talent in music are shown off to the world they changed.'   


'One of my best memories are the shows I got to work with Pee Wee  King and Redd back in the 70s. As you probably know, both were great friends of my mother and father. It was always a joy to be around them when they came to Nashville. It is people like them that made Country music what it is today. I am honored to say that I worked with the great Redd Stewart & Pee Wee King.'
(Rex Allen, Jr./Country Music Singer)


'I played steel guitar with Redd for over eight years in Pee Wee King's band, starting in 1946 at the Grand Ole Opry and continuing through 1954 on WAVE-TV in Louisville, KY. I left the business as a profession for 42 years and recently retired, resuming music as a hobby.

To me, Redd was the glue that held the Golden West Cowboys together into a tight musical unit. Redd was a great musician and songwriter, and above all, was a friend and gentleman. I miss him.' 
(Roy Ayres/Starke, FL)


'As a boy I watched Redd and brother, Gene, perform with Pee Wee King on our local TV station. They all were rhinestone cowboys to me! I wanted to be just like em' when I got older - love the music, the excitement of the fans. Well, my dreams came true! Later I became an entertainer, also. Got the chance to meet Redd, and even played with Gene and Pee Wee years later.

They all have a special place in my memories and my heart. I just found out about this website today. I think it is wonderful! Thank you for sharing with us.' 
(Louie Knight (aka King Louie)/Louisville, KY)


'Thank you for telling me of your great site, for such a great artist. I knew Redd & Pee Wee King for many years. They were both friends of mine. Before I met them, I would listen to them each day on the Louisville radio station, when I worked at WLW Cincinnati, Ohio.

In 1953 Pee Wee had me on his TV show as his guest star, after I had my hit songs, and that's when I met Redd. What a great talent and such a nice man. We were in California together and on shows with them in many other states. They even spent a couple hours at my home in Michigan. We did some TV shows as guests on the 'Old American Barn Dance' in 1951. I sure enjoy watching us all so young!

He definitely should be in the Hall of Fame. The pioneers of yesterday are Country music, and Redd was a big part of that. I am still singing, yodeling and touring some each year, and I still enjoy the fans!'
(Kenny Roberts (Country music singer/MA)


'My dad was Homer of Homer & Jethro, and I can remember their version of 'You Belong to Me' . . . what a great song! I wonder what Redd thought of their zany version? I know it's not listed, but Homer & Jethro did a version of 'Tennessee Waltz' on one of their live albums.' 
(Trent Haynes/Cary, IL)


'I played on several shows with Redd and Pee Wee King, and loved to watch them perform. They will be remembered for a long time. I played bass for Faron Young for almost 20 years.' 
(Ray Emmett/Nashville, TN)