Redd's Son, Billy

Redd with one of his sons (mid 1950s)

I thought it might be of interest to our readers to hear some things about my dad that most people never knew.   

*My father was a very handy guy with tools in hand. When I was about thirteen years old or so my dad, my brother, and myself, built an addition on to the back of our house.  It amazed me that he could do that without any former experience.   
*He was a very good golfer. He taught my brother and I to play at a very young age. It was one of his favorite past times.   
*He was a certified public account.   
*He taught himself how to build  handmade fiddles.  
*He loved to tell jokes. He had more jokes than anyone I knew, but the funniest thing was, they were all clean jokes.   
*He almost became a preacher, but he joined up with Pee Wee King instead, and the rest is history!      
*He was a deeply religious man, and has written many gospel tunes.   
*He was a Kentucky Colonel. . .  (The Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels is an organization of men and women who have been commissioned Kentucky Colonels by the Governor of the Commonwealth because of their service to mankind and to Kentucky.) 
*You could give him a foreign instrument that he had never seen before, and he could play a tune on it within about five minutes.   
*He was a guitar teacher in his later years, and also created an excellent  guitar teaching video (Redd Stewart’s Basic Guitar Study Course.) 
*He never had any formal training in  music; it was all self-taught.  
*He loved whoppers from Burger King. He bought me my first one when I was a kid!   
*He had been in every state in the United States at least twice.  He told me that back in the 60's so, I'll bet that's changed!    
*He spent so much time on the road that he once told me that he felt like he was one of the parts of the car.  
*I honestly can say that I cannot  remember one time in my life that my dad raised his voice in anger towards me, and I gave him plenty of reasons to do so!   
*In the early years he sold a lot of his songs that later became big hits for  others. Unfortunately, we can’t give him the credit for them. So, you have been  listening to a lot more of Redd's music, but just didn't know it! 
*He loved to fish.   
*He was an excellent pool player.   
*He taught himself how to play Bach and Beethoven on the piano, and played it well.   
*He liked a lot of the Beatles music, and learned several of their songs.   
*He was a radio operator in the Army and spent a lot of time in tanks.   
*He only had a seventh grade education!   
*And best of all, he was a great dad! 

(1960s) Redd's sons, Colonel (left) and Billy (right)

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