Family Reflects
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(2017) Billy Stewart,
Redd's youngest son


(2015) Sharon Stewart, Redd's daughter-in-law

(aka Tennessee Waltz Girl)

Billy (Redd's Youngest Son) 


Growing up the child of a famous musician is far from the normal family life one would expect. What others take for granite, I cherish!  As I look back over the years, I see a life of sharing my father with the rest of the world. Things that other kids do every day with their fathers, were luxuries for me. Traveling for 8 to 9 months out of the year doesn't leave a person much time for his family. But the joy and the pride I feel whenever I think of my dad makes all I've missed somehow worth while. Though my father was unable to be at my side every step of my life, he made sure to teach me some of the most important lessons in this world by living a life that could mold me by example.  

I always watched my father from a distance and learned from the things he would do and say. Like an artist painting a scenery I would study him in detail and try to recreate his personality in me because I admired him so much. If you look at the picture in the upper left hand corner of this page and look deep into his eyes you will see who my father was. He was probably one of the kindest people I have ever met. Full of life, always had a joke, always giving, and never had an unkind word for anyone. I don't think I have ever seen my father angry, it just wasn't in him! He had an incredible faith in God, and a love and passion for music that manifest itself in the wonderful music he has left us.  

As a young boy I would watch in amazement while my father played his guitar. His fingers would dance across the strings creating beautiful music that would grab the attention of all who were around him. He was truly an entertainer, and would leave you feeling better about life and yourself no matter what your circumstances!  I am a better man for having known him, and thank him for being my father. As I have always shared him with you through my life, I will continue to share him now and forever! May he touch your life as he has mine. I love you dad, save me a seat in the band! 







Sharon (Redd's Daughter-In-Law) 

What a kind, gentle-spirited man he was. Always had a kind word about others, and never, ever raised his voice. When I think of Redd, warm memories always come to mind.  

The most vivid memory I have, that I personally will always treasure is … we were at Redd’s house visiting, and Redd’s wife, Darlene, her sister Joyce, my two daughters Allison and Jenny, Billy (Redd’s son) and I were all sitting around the kitchen table talking and laughing.  After awhile I noticed that Redd was missing and when I looked up, I saw him standing in the doorway, looking over at everyone around the table, with the most beautiful look on his face.  He was looking straight  at his son, Billy with the most proud, love-filled look a father could possibly have for his son. You could just see the love and pride he had for him. I’ll never forget that look in his eyes.  

I also have many memories of other times when visiting Redd that evolved around music. One time in particular I remember when we were all in the living room.  Redd was playing on  the grand piano, Billy was playing guitar, Lydia (Redd’s daughter) was playing the banjo, and Colonel (Redd’s other son) was playing a guitar.  I was so amazed at the talent that came from one family and how they could just feed off of each other, and carry on for hours!  What a musically talented family!   

Yet another time visiting, we all headed down to Redd’s home studio in the basement of his house.  It was around Christmas time and we all decided to get in the spirit!  Redd had his fiddle out, Billy had the guitar, and Darlene, Joyce, my daughters, and I all joined in singing Christmas carols.   They recorded everyone singing and having such a fun time!  Those old tapes were recently discovered when they cleared everything out of his studio.  One of these days we may be able to share those with you on this web site!  

You could always count on having a fun-filled, loving time whenever we were all together. Redd always made sure that everyone felt welcome and there was always plenty of love to go around.  I feel extremely blessed to have met Redd’s son, Billy.  He is a carbon copy of his dad, and has that same gentle, kind, patient spirit that Redd had. Thank you Redd for giving me such a beautiful person to spend the rest of my life with.  I love and miss you.

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