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Redd Stewart - Pee Wee King's Golden West Cowboy

Henry 'Redd' Stewart, the fiddle-playin', guitar-pickin' cowboy with the 'voice as smooth as honey' blazed a glorious trail throughout the 1940s and 1950s as a solo artist and lead singer/songwriter with Pee Wee King's Golden West Cowboys. Considered one of the most shockingly overlooked country performers of his day, Redd is well-deserving of inclusion into the Country Music Hall of Fame, if only for penning the lyrics to the immortal song, 'Tennessee Waltz.'  Tennessee Waltz - Take a Listen!

Remembering the Pioneers of Country Music 

This website is dedicated to the pioneers of Country music.  Without all of their hard work and dedication, there would be no Country music. Redd Stewart & Pee Wee King were two of them. They performed on the Grand Ole Opry back in the late 1930s and early 1940s, and went on to having several television shows, among many other performing events. Together they co-wrote the immortal song, 'Tennessee Waltz', 'You Belong to Me', 'Slow Poke', 'Bonaparte's Retreat' and many others. Let's keep the memories and hard work of the pioneers of Country music alive. Honor Thy Legends.

Now Available!

Country Music's Hidden Gem: The Redd Stewart Story Hardcover – December 22, 2020
by Billy Rae Stewart (Author), Gail Kittleson (Author)

Redd Stewart's journey began as more than just another rags-to-riches story, but

with an essential heritage of family love and music that would later shape him into

one of the music world's greatest 'unsung heroes.'

His life inspired others to do better, to be better, to love unconditionally, and to share

with others the blessing of God-given talent. He was a man who never asked for

personal praise, but whose individual contribution to the Country and Pop music

industries is still alive throughout the world today.

Many of the songs written by Redd have been performed and recorded by such

entertainment legends as Patti Page, Hank Williams, Roy Rogers, Dean Martin,

Michael Bublé, and the list goes on. He was heard to say in all humility, "I don't

deserve any of this."

Follow these pages of heartfelt thoughts about our subject as explored in detail by the

musician, author, and loving son of this sincere man, revealed for the first time is the real-life love story that inspired the lyrics to the world's most famous Country music song; the beautiful Tennessee Waltz.

What Others Have To Say About The Book 

'This book takes the reader on a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Who knew that the careers of so many legendary country singers criss-crossed with one another in life changing ways? Gene Autry, the Grand Old Opry, and so many other venues helped to make country music blossom. The story behind the song, Tennessee Waltz, is memorable and touching. The dedication of music writers and performers is shown through the pages of this book. For music lovers or history buffs, this is a "must read".'

'This book is such an inspiration! What a wonderful story. So well written!! He was an amazing and talented man."

'I enjoyed reading this book. What a trip! Writing and being at various locations. WOW! I didn't realize he was so talented! An amazing man: father, singer, song writer and much more. I think you will enjoy reading about Redd Stewart's life!'

'This book provided the reality of the person of Redd Stewart and took away the awe of his stardom.'

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